We are in Phase II ~ COVID-19 Announcement To Our Patients

We are in Phase II ~ COVID-19 Announcement To Our Patients

As a part of The Town of Easton’s Phase II, we’ve been authorized to open with limited hours as of Tuesday June 23, 2020 by appointment only. We will initially be open on Tues, Wed. and Thursdays only scheduling hourly from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.  We ask patients to support social distancing by arriving alone for your appointment with the exception to parent/guardians and/or an aide. We are available for eye wear pick ups with an appointment and/or a call to the office prior for Optician (508 238-5200). 

Our office has taken special care to implement Covid-19 safety rules and guidelines:

Our staff will be dressed in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). We no longer will be using the waiting room since patients will be scheduled an hour apart. Patients will be required to call from their car for entrance into our office (508 238-5200).
Facial covering/mask required to enter unless medical condition, like asthma. Temperatures will be taken at the door for anyone entering inside the office.  We will not be accepting payment in the form of cash, checks, credit/debit made in person. We will only accept credit card payments for co-pays, contact lens fees, etc. over the phone. We can take care of this when the patient calls from their car to announce arrival for the appointment. 

Please call Dr. Kozol cell number (617) 429-2056 for TeleHealth visits leaving a detailed message for returned calls.​  
Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.


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