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Dilation and Digital Retinal Photography for Diabetic Eye Exams

Kozol Vision Center enjoys being a referral source for a growing number of local primary care physicians for diabetic eye exams.#508.238.5200 Our office follows the current American Diabetes Association protocol of annual eye exams on patients with Types One and Two Diabetes including dilation and digital retinal photography when necessary and more often than annually when diabetic findings are being followed for progression. A report is written and sent to the primary care physician usually with twenty four hours of the eye exam. 

Reference: This is important because Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of vision-loss globally. Reference: Eye Vis (Lond). 2015; 2: 17.

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National Awareness for Glaucoma #protectyourvision


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Begin the New Year with a Glaucoma Exam ~ January is National Awareness 
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Glaucoma Awareness by Dr. Neil Kozol

Glaucoma Awareness by Dr. Kozol 
January is National Glaucoma Awareness 
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Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the United States. People are often unaware that glaucoma has no symptoms in its early stages. If detected early, before noticeable vision loss occurs, glaucoma can usually be controlled and severe vision loss can often be prevented. Vision that is lost from glaucoma cannot be restored. The protocol at our office is to recognize and document risk factors for glaucoma. 
When sufficient risk factors are identified, the patient is asked to return for certain (baseline) tests such as Visual Field or Ocular Cohenece Tomography which along with other findings and tests (including pachymetry, digital retinal photography, optic nerve contour documentation and intraocular tension) are able to identify loss of vision associated with glaucoma. Reference:…

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